We strictly adhere to age-old processes with
the aid of modern science to ensure that even the smallest ounce of our product
is precious and honest to the core.

Honest to nature

Every herb we use is sourced from an ecosystem of farmers who share our passion for the authenticity of ingredients. Each herb goes through a well-defined process of sourcing, procurement, authentication and pre-processing before it enters our laboratories to be processed with maximum efficiency.

Honest to tradition

We have pored over the intricacies of the methods detailed in our ancient texts such as Sahasrayogam to ensure that our products are true to their source. Each formulation has been further perfected with inputs from our customers over the course of decades. All the right ingredients, in the right proportion, in the right manner.

Honest to science

Our team of experts has spent years in research and development to settle on the best modern scientific practices that will help enhance our final product. All our products undergo complete quality checking including physico-chemical, microbial, heavy metal analysis, aflatoxin and pesticide studies.

         Honest to you

From our early days, you have been at the core of our endeavours. We have listened to your concerns, taken your suggestions and stayed true to ourselves to craft the most authentic Ayurveda products in the market. And we’re just getting started.
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